Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: You Are a Gift to the World

You Are a Gift to the WorldYou Are a Gift to the World is a sweet story written by New York Times best selling author Laura Duksta. With a "flip-sided" style, the book reads forward and backward, meeting in the middle at a globe with the message "You are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to you.  So as you travel through life, you see all the ways it's true..."

The book is definitely heavy on the saccharin side (maybe a bit too much so for my tastes), but if you like this excerpt, you'll probably love the book:
"Your voice sings a sweet song belonging just to you.  I hear a melody filled with joy, wonder, and a note of laughter too. / Your smile lights up my life like the sun's golden rays. / Its glow brightens up my life in warm and tender ways."
As much as I love the idea of the message, I have to admit to a bit of wincing as I read the excerpt above and others like it.  I think I slightly prefer the reverse side, The World is a Gift to You.  
"You see the world itself is a big gift full of miracles just like you and me.  There is so much to discover, to learn, to do, and to see.  / Flowers, plants, and trees all start from tiny seeds.  As they grow, they help to make the food and air your body needs." 
The illustrations throughout are bright and cheerful.  I especially like the center globe page that unites the two stories.  I do wonder if I might have liked the whole book a bit more if it hadn't rhymed.  Duksta's previous title I Love You More, was a New York Times bestseller, and You Are a Gift to the World is sporting a five star rating on Amazon.  

The Bibliophile didn't care much for the book the first time we read it, but we read it again a couple of weeks later, and this time he said he liked it.  When questioned as to what he liked about it, he said, "I like that you can read it two ways."  

Comment: Have you read this book or I Love You More?  I'm really curious what others thought of it.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

We haven't read this book, but a few new books by Laura Numeroff are also written in this format, and daughter enjoyed those. Rhyme books can be hit and miss here, especially if they don't rhyme well.

Christy said...

I sometimes have trouble with the saccharin sweet books too! I'll have to check out this book and see what the kids think.

MaryAnne said...

Oh my, that seems a bit saccharin even for my tastes! The reverse side sounds lovely, though!