Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Five in a Row Week 2: Lentil

Some of you have noticed that we are "rowing" the Five in a Row Volume 1 books in order.  We did start out that way, but plan to start mixing things up after this week.

Lentil (Picture Puffins)This week's book was Lentil, a cute tale about a little boy who, unable to sing, takes up the harmonica instead.  When one of the town's grumpy citizens threatens to derail a prominent benefactor's homecoming with his pucker-inducing lemon consumption, Lentil saves the day.  Best (and last) line of the book: "You never can tell what will happen when you learn to play the harmonica."

These wrap up posts are taking me ages to write, so I'm going to experiment a little this week with just a bullet point list and some fun photo editing, courtesy of Picnik.

Generally, we focused on:
- the 5 senses (especially taste and hearing)
- harmonicas / music generally
- Ohio (just a little)
- making ice cream (the Bibliophile's request)
- learning North / South / East / West

Specifically, we:
  • Tasted a lemon.  Practiced our silly sour faces.
  • Made lemonade.  Both fresh and Del's frozen lemonade (it's a Rhode Island thing).
  • Read a couple of lemonade books: Lemonade for Sale (MathStart) and Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink.
  • Played a game with plastic Easter eggs, in which I filled them with various objects - pennies, rice, paper, toy car - and he had to figure out which was which.  (Relevance: sense of sound).
  • Played a toy harmonica.  Practiced singing the blues, like his grandpa.  (Best line: "Mama won't give me no more skittles" *harmonica riff*).
  • Talked about sound waves, and why Lentil liked to play the harmonica in the bathroom.  Tried it out.
  • Did our USA jigsaw puzzle.
  • Talked about North, South, East, West.  Tried to make up silly songs to remember the directions.  In the meantime, realized he had learned them.
  • Did an Ohio workbook page from a Target dollar section book.
  • Made homemade chocolate soymilk ice cream, using a Highlights magazine recipe, which required just chocolate soymilk, sugar, ice, salt, and a plastic bag.  We did this at least twice.  (In Lentil, the town celebrates with ice cream at the end).

  • Decorated a paper doll to be Lentil (Bibliophile's idea).
  • Acted out the book.  I was the grumpy lemon-eater.  The Bibliphile was Lentil (of course).  And his baby sister was Colonal Carter.
  • No new sensory bin this week, but I did give him a bowl of raw rice one night while I cooked dinner.  In it, I had hid the letters of harmonica, so he fished them all out and unscrambled it.
  • Cutting strips.  I printed some simple strips of repeating lemons.  He wasn't really into it, but did one strip.
  • Talked about what an architect does, and what a floor plan is.  Drew a floor plan of our house, then used FloorPlanner to create floorplans for pretend houses.  Printed the floor plans and arranged cardboard boxes to lay out rooms like his floorplans (which, incidentally, involved slides into playrooms).  (The Five in a Row curriculum has a tie-in to architecture in the Lentil study, but the books I found looked too advanced, so we just simplified to something I knew he'd find fun, even if there was no clear Lentil connection.)
  • Built a pretend town like in Lentil out of blocks, making sure to include each building mentioned in the book.  If we have more time in the next few days, we might do a paper bag town (from lunch bags).
  • Sang many verses of She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain (which Lentil plays at the end of the book).
  • Did some printables from Homeschool Share, including some math problems and an Ohio directions sheet.
  • Did instrument matching worksheets from this site.
  • Editing to add our coop plan, so I have the link if I need it.  We will be making musical instruments - some kind of shakers for the youngest kids and this harmonica-like instrument (which works great!) for the older ones.
It was a fun week, and we both really enjoyed Lentil, but I am ready to move on.  (Our coop meeting isn't for two days, and I'm already writing the summary blog post.)  Next up: we are jumping outside of the FIAR curriculum to do One Tiny Turtle.

If I remember, I will be linking this post up with Weekly Wrap-Up and Preschool Corner.

Comment!  Have you read Lentil?  Do you play any musical instruments?

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Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Oh wow I love this. Lentil was one of my childhood favorites.

Christy said...

I have read a lot about Lentil and for some reason I keep forgetting to request it. I have to do that now. I love the lemon faces!

Raising a Happy Child said...

It's pretty amazing how much you did. IB could unscramble harmonica??? Wow! Maybe I'll change my mind after all about Lentil.

My Captivating Images said...

YAY! So glad to find someone else who does FIAR. I felt like my post was much longer than most. :) How do you get an affiliate program through amazon? I would love to do that. We rowed Three names this week and have loved it. :)