Sunday, February 12, 2012


Pipe cleaners in a pasta strainer :)
Holy cow.  October 20th was our last post?!  My blog hiatus just somehow kept going and going.  My little baby has turned into a toddler, and my four year old is a bundle of little boy energy.  Ever in search of ways to make my life as a stay at home mom more entertaining, I've recently embarked on a new enterprise... I signed on an Usborne Books consultant.  I feel really strongly about the importance of books in young children's lives (well, duh.), and I love putting quality books into little hands.  Especially little hands that claim they don't like books... a challenge!  Bring it on!  As an Usborne consultant, I will earn some great books, a little spare change, and likely a few new friends.  I'm gearing up to share some of our favorite Usborne books here, and at the sites of some of our blog buddies, who have agreed to join in our fun by hosting some fun "e-shows," complete with door prizes and customer specials.  So stay tuned... I'll try not to make it four months again until my next post!

(If you have ever thought about becoming an Usborne book consultant, February's monthly special makes it a great time to do it.  Email me if you want any more info!).  

Disclosure: As an Usborne consultant, I'll earn a commission from sales placed through the Usborne site linked above.


Raising a Happy Child said...

Great to hear from you. I cannot believe how big Bookwork already is. Good luck on your Usborne adventure.

Lisa said...

Wow, she has so much hair!! I am jealous! and the little bow, adorable.

MaryAnne said...

She is so grown-up now!

Thanks for reminding me to let Lily try out that pipe cleaner colander activity!