Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review and Give Away: Jumpstart Madagascar Preschool Surf N' Slide Mobile App

Thanks to Jumpstart, we had an opportunity to try out the new Jumpstart/DreamWorks Madagascar Preschool Surf N' Slide App on our iPad.  We will also be reviewing Jumpstart's online world, including the new Madagascar area, in an upcoming post.  While the almost-5-year-old has been checking out, his baby sister has been our Preschool Surf N' Slide reviewer...

The App is very straightforward.  The user chooses a young Madagascar character to control on a moving ride of their choice (carpet, surfboard, etc.), down a water slide.  As the character slides, he collects stars (there is no problem if you miss stars... you just keep riding and answering questions.  Eventually, I think you are given stickers or new sticker scenes in exchange for having earned stars).

The character occasionally encounters a set of balloons, which triggers a round of questions about numbers, colors, shapes, letters, animals, and critical thinking.  My almost-2-year-old loves the games, and tackles most of the questions easily.  This earns her more stickers.

The only type of question that she hasn't been able to answer on her own is "which one doesn't belong?"

 Big brother steps right in for those...

Overall, this is a bright, colorful, kid-friendly App.  My son (almost 5) says about it:
 i don't play it that much, but it is FUN!
also, there is baloons and my baby sister gets exited about them because they are: QUESTIONS!!!!!! i do want to note...i forgot what i wanted to say. mabye i'll say it in the next e-mail (hoping it's today!) .  wait, I remember it. it is that i used caps lock because they are really fun to her!
 now bye-bye 
(He was super excited to type that review!).

Incidentally, my kids are not Madagascar movie fans (the littlest hasn't seen it and my older has seen scenes from it a few times awhile back, but generally is not a fan of movies), and the App is great fun regardless.  I am thinking about revisiting the movie with them now that they have played the game.

Give Away:

Thanks to Jumpstart, one lucky user can win their own copy of Jumpstart/DreamWorks Madagascar Preschool Surf N' Slide App.
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The deadline to enter is Wednesday, October 31st, midnight.

Disclosure: We recieved a free copy of this app in order to review it.