Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Mia: Time to Trick or Treat!

Mia (the cat) wants to dress like a ballerina for Halloween, and she'd like her two best school friends (a hippo and a giraffe) to be ballerinas too. They're all for it. There's just one problem. All three girls have different favorite colors, so they can't agree on a tutu color (oh, the tragedy). Ultimately, they tie-dye their tutus to have matching multicolor ensembles.

The critic in me thinks the lesson here could have been about individuality; could they not have each worn their own favorite color, celebrating their diverse tastes? But, I do remember wanting to dress like my best friends in middle school, and I suppose there is a message about compromise in here.  It is a cute book, especially for any little ballet fans out there, at a very affordable price.  It has grown on me as I have read it. And read it. And read it. (See below).

Also, there are stickers and a dress-up page - always a crowd pleaser.

"The girls don't know what to do.  They want to match, but they can't agree on a color.  Before they can decide, the school bell rings.  The three dancing friends glide into the classroom."
My almost 5 year old boy read it with me once and liked it, particularly the sticker page. I'd say he's the right age for it.

My 22 month old girl read it approximately 85 times. She's too young to understand it, but she sure enjoys it.

Thank you to HarperCollins for providing a review copy!

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