Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review and Give Away: Because Your Mommy Loves You

Because Your Mommy Loves You
 From the publisher:
About the Book
In this sweet companion book to Because Your Daddy Loves You, a little boy and his mom go on a hiking trip and camp out under the stars. Mommy is as calm and reassuring, but also goes far to foster her son's independence in an encouraging and loving way. As heartwarming as its predecessor, this read-aloud book is sure to become a family favorite.

About the author:
Andrew Clements is the author of many best-selling books, among them the middle grade novel Frindle. He lives in Westborough, Massachusetts, and can be found at

About the illustrator:
R. W. Alley is the illustrator of many beloved picture books, including the Paddington Bear series. He lives in Barrington, Rhode Island. Visit him at

What we thought about it --
I like the camping theme, as did the Infant Bibliophile (now 4 1/2), and overall this is a sweet book.  He enjoyed it, and he is fairly picky these days.  The format of the book presents scenarios, in the style of: when X happens, "your mommy could..." do such and such (taking over for the child), "but she doesn't," instead choosing to show or guide the child to do it himself.  Example:

When the pack on your back feels like a giant rock, 
your mommy could say,
That looks awfully heavy
for you.  Here, I'll carry it!
But she doesn't.

You both sit down a while
and share some water
and a handful of raisins.

Then she helps you strap on
your pack again,
and up the trail you go.

In general, I do not tend tend to foster early independence in my children.  I still put my 4 1/2 year old's shoes on for him 90% of the time, and I fear that in the scenario above, I'd be not only carrying his pack and mine, but likely trying to give him a piggy back ride at the same time.  So, some of the book scenarios were probably a little confusing for him.  That probably makes this a very appropriate book for us.  I'm hoping we can use Because Your Mommy Loves You to start some dialogue about independence. 

Give Away!

Thanks to the generosity of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, one lucky reader will receive:

·        1  Copy of Because Your Mommy Loves You
·        1 Copy of Because Your Daddy Loves You

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Giveaway open to US residents only.  The deadline is midnight (EST) on June 3, 2012.

Disclosure: We received a free copy of Because Your Mommy Loves You in order to write this review.

Free iPad Children's Book App

Have an iPad?  Usborne Books recently released a new (free) app called Demibooks Storytime.  You can learn more about it here, but the basic idea is, you download the program, enter a consultant idea in the settings (mine is R3395), and get a free interactive book!  I think you'll then get a free book monthly.  Hoorah for free!

If you try it out, please let me know what you think, because I won't be getting my iPad until next month.

Disclosure: I am an independent educational consultant with Usborne Books.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Too Young for Harry Potter?

The Infant Bibliophile (currently 4 1/2) discovered Harry Potter in, of all places, the library computer room (where I very rarely let him go... we get enough computer time at home!).  I have the hardcover versions of all but the last volume on my bookshelf, but it was when he saw some older kids playing a computer version that he became curious about the books.  The IB scares somewhat easily, so just describing a few parts of the Harry Potter books was enough to convince him he wasn't ready for them yet.  (We did attempt to read bits of the Tales of Beedle the Bard together).  I read excerpts of my HP copies with him here and there, and we let it go.

And then one day, I came across the Oliver Moon series.

Perfect!  They are Harry-Potter-esque books, without any of the death/evil of HP.  (Don't get me wrong... I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, but just not for my particular 4 year old.)  There are nine Oliver Moon titles available, for $4.99 each, or you can buy the whole collection and save a few dollars.  They can be read in any order.  So far, we've read Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion, Oliver Moon and the Spell-Off, and Oliver Moon and the Monster Mystery.  We enjoyed the first one we read so much that we finished it in one morning, and then read it again that evening!

Good thing we happen to have a wand handy from our Magic Kit, because it has been getting some good role-playing use lately. :)

Comment!  What is your favorite chapter series for young readers?  We also LOVE the Magic Treehouse series.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Usborne Facebook Party!

We participated in a fantastic local busy bag swap a few months back.  Along with 25 bags full of activities to entertain my little girl, I also gained a new friend!  And she's a blogger!  We decided to team up forces tomorrow night to host a Facebook Usborne party.  We designed some special discounted preschool packages, and planned give aways and little contests.  You know that feeling when you clean your whole house for a party, cook a table full of food, and ... no one shows up?!  Don't let that be Sarah and I tomorrow night!  Come join us!  The party starts at 7:30 Mountain Time, (9:30 Eastern Time).

I'm reposting Sarah's blog post here, to give you the scoop:

I am sooo excited to announce my newest sponsor,

I have a fabulous friend, Lynn, who is a blogger at infantbibliophile. She and her children love books so much she became an Usborne Books rep.  She introduced me to their books and I am hooked. I'm not kidding. I have now amassed a huge quantity of Usborne books, all at great prices due to hosting shows!

When you go to the Usborne Books and More site, I have my own little e-show just for your perusal. This e-show will help me earn even more books for our homeschooling library. I wanted a chance to introduce you to Usborne books and build your own library too, so tomorrow we will be hosting an Usborne Kick Off Party!

This party is going to be happening on Facebook tomorrow night, so be sure to like my page now before you forget. We are going to be having lots of discounts, exclusive kits, giveaways, and more!

To go with the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curiculum, Lynn and I have worked to come up with the perfect kit to compliment the curriculum. We call it the Perfect Preschool Package! Even better, purchasing this kit will get you the entire Walk Beside Me curriculum in one easy download, from A-Z! You'll have access to the entire curriculum before the remaining letters have been published on my blog! The package is only $57.95 with free shipping!

What's included in this kit?

123 Sticker Book
Market Day Board Book Set
Big Book of Playtime Activities
Entertaining and Educating Young Children
and one easy download of the entire
Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum!

We've also set up a fantastic activity book kit for you, great for practicing fine motor skills and writing skills!

The Pre-K Wipe Clean Kit includes

Wipe Clean ABC
Wipe Clean First Letters
Wipe Clean Ready for Writing

These books will be featured at these great prices tomorrow night at our Facebook party. If you order both sets, tomorrow night only we'll be throwing in a free copy of 50 Travel Games and Activities (a $9.99 value!). Together they make a well rounded preschool curriculum!

Don't worry if you're not looking for preschool books. We'll be having discounts and giveaways and so much more. We'll start our Usborne Kick Off Party at 7:30 pm Mountain Time and it will run through 9:00. Pop in anytime, as the discounts and giveaways will be running all night long!