Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Little Sweet Potato


Little Sweet Potatois a charming story about a sweet potato who accidentally becomes separated from his home/garden patch, and struggles to find a place to belong.  Along the way, he meets some not so welcoming strangers ("And the fact is, you are dumpy, bumpy, and kinda lumpy.  What I'm trying to say, pal, is -- scram . . . He didn't know the world has such mean vegetation in it."  At the end, he finally finds his way home, to a welcoming motley crew of veggies and flowers.

What we thought of it:

Mom: I thought it was cute, and fun to read aloud.  I especially liked this passage: "'Some just like their own kind,' one of the pansies said sweetly.  'But we're the kind that like all kinds.'" 

"Infant Bibliophile" (Age 5): i really like this page. it says:"you're so nice," said sweet potato."i met some flowers that looked just like you, but they weren't very nice."some are, some aren't,"said a friendly carrot. "we are." and i love this page that says "that's how it is, kid," said a gleaming eggplant. "it's not all mulch and sunshine out there."
"oh, i know, said little sweet potato." which is right next to it this way: --------->

Baby Sister (Age 2): She says she liked it.  She rates it a 2.  But that's only because she is 2, so she answers "2" to any numeric question.

Suggested Activities:
Eat some fresh sweet potato, of course!  Bake it, mash it,or  try sweet potato french fries, sweet potato chips, or some sweet potato muffins.  You can also use sweet potatoes to make sweet potato stampers, or a homemade Mr. (Sweet) Potato Head!

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