Saturday, February 23, 2013

Super Hero Early Readers

Do you have a reluctant reader on your hands?  Trying character-based early readers can be a great way to (re)ignite their love of reading.  We had a slight lull in the Bibliophile's interest in reading last year, and Star Wars early readers were a life saver.  We moved onto graphic novels and character encyclopedias, and then were able to interest him in a variety of subject material again.  Super heroes have never been our thing (they were deemed "too scary"), but we've recently started trying a few from the library, and they have been well received.

Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman (I Can Read Book 2) - nothing to be scared of here.  Both of my children were really interested to learn about Wonder Woman, who apparently they hadn't been exposed to before.

Here is what my 5 year old son has to say about it:
"so, i think that it is sneaky. because she does not want to become queen, so she is a superhero on pages 10, 11 and 12. she has somthing like a wondercar on pages 18 and 19. (compared to the batmobile.)"

Superman Classic: I Am Superman (I Can Read Book 2) -- from the same series.  Because my kids are not all that familiar with super heroes, these introductory "I am..." books are perfect for them.

Thanks to HarperCollins, we've also been sent a few more advanced super hero picture books recently, and the Infant Bibliophile has taken to them.

Superman Classic: Attack of the Toyman -- A toyman put out of business goes on a rampage, until Superman comes to the rescue (of course) and stops him.  We giggle every time we read it at the fact that Lois Lane doesn't recognize Clark Kent as superman, just because he changed his clothes.

Batman Classic: Fowl Play - IB had been reluctant to read this one, thinking it seemed scary, but he just plowed through it by himself a few minutes ago and said he liked it.  The Penguin has been training birds in an underground aviary and sending them out to commit strange crimes.  Of course, Batman takes charge and saves the day. 

Infant Bibliophile says:
"so, he looks funny. he has a clear colored eyepatch/monacle. ...he is like toyman, because he likes toys. and umbrella tricks... i can't think of any more..."
I love that character books like these tend to be inexpensive (less than $5), and really well received by little readers.  I think it would be a mistake if this kind of literature was the only exposure given to children, but they can be a great tool to engage a children's interest in reading, particularly for "reluctant readers".

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I can't believe how grown-up your little bookworm is looking!

Johnny ADORES the character books.